How can we say we love each other but let each other die?

Tonight….I am frustrated. I am angry, disappointed and frustrated. Tonight I want to say it like it is.

Where have all the cowboys gone? And this ain’t no love song, baby. I mean: WHERE ARE THE MEN (and women) WHO MUST STAND UP FOR TRUTH?

I am disappointed in people who say that they love other people but they watch them suffer in sin. I am disappointed in the person who can’t step up and say: “Dude, you need to get help.” I am disappointed that we say we care but we can’t speak the truth. We condone things that aren’t pleasing to God because we are trying to “keep the peace” and when situations crash and burn, when people literally lose it (because they are lost), we stand back and pretend that we didn’t have a chance to speak truth into their lives. I am heartbroken. I hurt. Because there are individuals in my inner circle, who are in pain but we are not tough enough to tell them that offense needs to be sorted out. That porn is not okay. That they need to forgive their abusive fathers. That they need to repent of fear. We hide behind “it’s not my place,” or “I’m not good with situations like these,” and then we are too soft to face this fact: That people are perishing because we simply didn’t love them enough to say it like it is. What they do with the truth, is their decision.

Too many people walk around with offense in their hearts today. Too many people are reluctant to forgive. Too many people are struggling through life  because the new motto on everyone lips is “Not my circus, not my monkeys.” Where the heck does the Bible ever say “Thus says the Lord: It is not your circus, child, and therefore not your monkeys?”

No, what the Word says about this very topic is this:

“Brothers, if someone is caught in a sin, you who are spiritual should restore him gently. But watch yourself, or you also may be tempted” – Galatians 6:1

Pretty much our freaking monkeys. Better yet, we must, too, repent. We must be watchful. Together with the demand of restoring a brother (gently), there is a warning: WATCH YOURSELF. This warning shows me how okay God is with our humanity. It shows me that He knows exactly how tempting sin is yet He doesn’t stop us from (gently) restoring a brother, He commands us to do it!

We better start learning what it means to restore a brother gently. Not from a place of self righteousness but from a place of anguish. A place where we love them enough to say it like it is.

I am convicted. Forgive me, Father.



One thought on “How can we say we love each other but let each other die?

  1. It’s a tragedy when you watch your brother/sister fall into sin and you do nothing about it. You will be held accountable for their final destination, if it isn’t heaven. We must help them find the path again.


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