Oh, how He provides!

Today I just want to testify and give God the glory for truly being Jehovah Jireh. My Provider. My Hero. So no long stories or intense life lessons today. Just a testimony. Because Jesus is amazing and I am completely in love with who He is.

I’ve had a few difficult months in terms of finances. Let’s be real; it’s tough to be a grown up.  I won’t elaborate too much but with cars breaking down and numerous unforeseen expenses, I found myself a little anxious at the beginning of April. I live a debt free life as far as possible and I have a holy fear of owing anyone money.

What made matters worse, was that I recently felt compelled to bless someone with a specific amount of cash and I knew that if I acted on this, I would have almost nothing left for the rest of the month. So at first I wanted to use my credit card to obey the Lord’s request, but in the end (after a lot of tears, an anxiety attack and repentance) I decided to just do it. So I did it.

Later that same day I received a message from a close friend who said that she wants to give me a certain amount of cash and asked if she could have my banking details. Initially I was hesitant and prideful but I realized that this is probably the Lord’s doing so I sent her my banking details. A few minutes later I received a notification that the exact amount of money I had to bless that other person with, was paid into my account. Which is awesome, right? Thank you, friend. You know who you are!

But it doesn’t end there.

Last night I received another notification…

The Lord urged someone to completely spoil me by giving me the amount of  money outstanding on the bill for getting my car fixed. At first I wanted to find out who it was, because the payment was made anonymously. But I had to scold myself for being so ridiculous. God provided. He uses people. I don’t have to know who it was but I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for being obedient to His voice because you have not only blessed me with money but you have been the vessel that, once again, proved to me that God is my provider. That He is faithful. That He honours obedience. And that He knows exactly what we need, when we need it and how to provide for every one of those needs. A lot of times the provision doesn’t come in the form that we had hoped for. Most of the times, actually, it comes in a way that is humbling. Jesus loves humility.

Peeps, be encouraged by this story, please?  Firstly, learn to receive. Learn to put your pride aside and be open to take what is yours, given by Him through others. And then be obedient. Tithe. Give to the needy. Bless others. Freely you have received so freely you should give!

The Lord will most certainly provide. He is good. He loves a cheerful giver. He is the ultimate Giver of great things!

(The amazing cover photo/hand illustration was done by www.khanja.com. Be sure to visit the website!)


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