Find your balance

I never realized quite how important it was to find your balance until I started taking dance lessons at the beginning of August 2016. After a Eurotrip in July 2016 which entailed salsa on a plain in Bruges and the most fun I’ve ever had, I decided to take up salsa lessons. Which escalated to Latin and Ballroom lessons and now I am in way over my head. It is challenging.

Last night in class I had this revelation: Perfect balance = confidence and trust.

When I first started out, I didn’t know anything about dancing shoes but I wanted to have a decent pair immediately so I purchased a pair of “imports” from a fellow dancer. These shoes were too big for her and she has hardly ever danced in them. Very chuffed with my bronze (high) heels, I started with lessons but for some reason I just didn’t feel comfortable in them. It felt extremely uncontrolled and as if I was going to fall on my face every time I had to do a turn. So I blamed the (high) heels, chucked them into a bag and bought another pair of shoes which weren’t quite so high.

After my first dance exam I decided that I really want to dance in higher heels. Latin dancing is meant for high heels so I took my “imports” out of the cupboard and started training in them. Again: uncontrolled and imbalanced.

The thing with these shoes are that they don’t have straps like normal shoes. It looks as if they do, but they simply clip on. Last night when I put them on I realized that, even though they clip on, they can still fasten tighter around my ankles. Rookie error. My shoes weren’t too high. They weren’t fastened tight enough! Needless to say, I felt much more comfortable in them, did fast turns and found my balance easily. (I can’t believe that I’m sharing this embarrassing story on the internet because let’s be honest: it is like buying a car and not knowing how many gears it has…)

Life is like that. Sometimes things feel completely out of control and you lose your balance and want to fall on your face. But the gospel of Jesus Christ is the shoes for your feet in this dance of life (…and, as shoes for your feet, having put on the readiness given by the gospel of peace.- Eph.6:15-). This means His cross and resurrection. And I have great news for you, my friend. Even though you didn’t know it for a while, you can fasten those shoe-straps tighter around your ankles.

Once my shoes were fastened tightly, I had perfect balance which led to confidence for each step and complete trust in my own ability to dance.

You have the ability to dance through this life. How you do it, is your own decision. Are you going to take each step in fear of falling on your face, always holding back and not reaching your full potential or are you going to fasten the blood of Jesus tightly around your ankles, find your balance and take each step with confidence in knowing you are competent to live this life to the fullest?

Fasten those shoe-straps! Dance like nobody is watching! I dare you…


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